About Us

At Hanah we restore, maintain and protect the beauty of your looks with the highest quality products.

Hanah B & H Inc. was founded over 20 years ago by energetic and enterprising people who wanted to share the secrets of Asia with the people around them. They knew the secret to the hidden treasure of beauty was in a land that dates back thousands of years. It's no secret that Japan's culture of color goes back 1200 years and it's only a natural progression that they would come out with the most remarkable hair coloring system.

Paon Hair color is both revolutionary and evolutionary in that it's the only permanent hair color free of harmful ammonia and peroxide. This cutting edge system is the only solution from covering your unsightly gray hair to making a bold fashion statement in the new millennium. It's fast, easy, convenient and economical. We, at Hanah believe that gorgeous, glorious hair shouldn't take hours to create, it just needs to look like it did. Millions of people in Asia have benefited from using Paon products but now through Hanah, the secret is out in the open to millions of people in North and South America.

Hanah B & H Inc. is the Sole Distributor of this unique 5-minute permanent Hair Coloring System in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Our company motto is simple. To restore, maintain, protect, and beautify your image. As we face the new millennium, making our customers and our environment beautiful is our #1 priority. True beauty is a combination of confident inner self and a well groomed outer appearance. Why not start at the top of your head and give yourself absolutely gorgeous hair full of life and bounce. We believe it'll have such a strong positive domino effect that you'll commit to making yourself and your environment beautiful and healthy!