Extra3 Color Care System
Extra3 Shampoo
Paon Seven-Eight Brand does not stop at coloring the hair. We provide full protection for your hair even after you color your hair.

Extra3 Shampoo gets rid of all left-over chemicals on your hair and Treatment repair the damage on your hair from inside out. You will surely feel the difference in two weeks of Extra3 experience.

Extra3 Hair care system completes the Paon Seven-Eight kind of Hair care. Don’t just color your hair, “PAON” your hair! Let Paon Seven-Eight take care of your hair from the beginning till the end.

product highlights
  • Removes alkali and hydrogen peroxide left behind from the hair dye chemicals
  • Infused with Chlorophyll and amino acid to nourish and protect hair cuticles that are often flaked curled during the coloring process
contents (per box)
  • Regular Size: 9.4 oz
  • Salon Size: 36.4 oz
  • Refill for Salon Size: 32.7 oz.