Free & Free Damage Aid
Extra3 Shampoo
This hair care collection is Hanah B&H, Inc’s exclusive line from Lion Corporation in Japan. Lion Corporation is considered to be “P&G” or” Johnson & Johnson” of Japan.

This line is specially designed and formulated to help repairing damaged hair. DGA (Diglucosyl Gallic Acid), a polyphenol derivative hair repairing agent, helps repairing damaged hair and also promotes soft and shiny hair.

Free & Free Damage Aid is Professional level of hair care for everyone. Come and join the professionals.

product highlights
  • Repairing ingredient DGA (a natural polyphenol derivative) replenishes the internal fibers and surface of stiff, damaged hair, leaving hair soft and smooth to the touch
  • Moisture-control ingredient adjusts moisture inside hair, making hair easier to style
  • Lightly-scented floral aroma
contents (per bottle)
  • 210 mL