permanent :: cream
Seven Eight
Paon Seven-Eight Brand is the most popular hair color brand in Japan with more than 100 years of history. Unchanged top quality is the key to success for Paon.

Original Paon Seven-Eight is the perfect way to start experiencing the best quality gray coverage permanent hair color. It will make you feel like you are 10 years younger.

available colors
Natural Brown
Matte Brown
Dark Brown
Soft Black
product highlights
  • 100% Gray Coverage
  • Permanent Hair Color
  • Convenient Cream-type: No dripping, No mess
  • 4 different colors
  • QUICK! : Colors in 7 – 8 minutes
  • Fade resistant
  • Built-in conditioner gives Silky and Shiny finish
  • ECONOMICAL: Suitable for partial use
  • Refill package available
contents (per box)
  • Tube #1: Color Cream 40g
  • Tube #2: Oxidation Cream 40g
  • Large size Comb
  • Small size Comb (touch-up brush)
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Instruction